It’s great to get feedback from people about what we are doing at BBB, and how lovely to receive the following text from someone who is donating some items:

“Breaks my heart to think of Bromley peeps without clothes or nappies when I have a mild eBay addiction and a happy boy. You are doing a great job.”

We couldn’t do it without all our lovely supporters! The only reason why BBB works is because we have access to a network of local parents who donate items that the poorest members of our community need. I know that some of you have gone out and bought things that we have asked for on the Facebook group and on Twitter. Many of you bring donations to us, which frees up volunteer time for other things. We regularly get emails and calls from people who have heard about our little charity from a friend and want to make a donation. Local businesses help to spread the word, and connect us with other local organisations. However small your individual contribution, it all adds up, and we appreciate your support more than you can imagine.

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