A Bed for Every Child

Thanks to generous financial donations from the local community and supporting organisations, we are currently able to run our ‘Bed for Every Child’ project across the borough of Bromley. Sadly, we regularly hear from our referrers about families where children do not have a bed of their own – instead, they are sleeping on the floor, the sofa, or share a bed with another family member. The knock-on effects of children having their own bed are manifold – they include a better night’s sleep, which in turn leads to better concentration and performance at school, as well as enhanced health and wellbeing, reduced risk of sexual abuse, and a raised sense of self-esteem that comes with having one’s own items. We are able to provide beds, mattresses, and bedding where necessary, to help ensure that there is a Bed for Every Child who needs one. We can only continue to provide this essential service with your support.  To make a donation, please use our fundraising page which means we can also reclaim Gift Aid on the money you give us. Thank you so much, on behalf of all the families we support.


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