We support and stand with Marcus Rashford in his campaign to #EndChildFoodPoverty. Whilst we cannot supply actual meals, as a charity that works to relieve child poverty in the London Borough of Bromley, we have come up with a way in which we can contribute.

Many of our referred families are eligible for Pupil Premium and therefore receive a free school meal during term-time. We have decided to provide each of those children with a supermarket voucher of £15 to get them through this half-term.

We know we are asking a lot as the Christmas hamper campaign is also in full swing and so many of you have already donated to that. The End Child Food Poverty campaign is so important, and is directly in line with our overall aim to relieve poverty for children. As the economic crisis deepens, we are witnessing more and more families in the area sliding into poverty, as they are all over the country.

If you would like to help, please like and share our post on Facebook, and retweet on Twitter. We have also set up a specific Just Giving page in case anyone feels able to make a contribution. Thank you as always for your support.

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