Donating items

Donated items must be:


Any of the families we help do not have the facilities to clean items, eg to scrub mud off buggy wheels.


Families rarely have space to store extra clothes or toys (ie ‘to grow into’) so donated items that are the wrong size or age-range can’t be passed on. Please only donate exactly what you’ve agreed with the volunteer.


Not mouldy, not broken or damaged. Not from a house with a positive COVID test or isolating.



Toys and books should be in excellent condition, ideally like new. Please do not donate toys if they are dirty or obviously well-used. Donated clothes should not have stains or bobbles. We want the families we help to feel proud of the things we give them, to help them maintain a sense of dignity and protect their mental health. It can be hard enough to ask for help – the help you receive should be the best possible.

Our rule of thumb is: would you be pleased to receive this item, and happy to use it for your baby or child? Then please donate it! If it ‘needs some work’ or is getting shabby, then please dispose of it elsewhere.

All of Team BBB are volunteers – we have our own families, jobs and chores! We just don’t have time to clean items, sort or store them, or take them to the tip if they’re not suitable to be passed on. Anything you donate must be clean and ready to use.

If you are unable to hold onto your donations until they are requested, there is a list here of other local organisations who might appreciate your good quality items – please contact them directly.