Referring to BBB

Who can refer to BBB?

Any local community professionals who work closely with families e.g. social workers, health visitors, teachers, refuge officers and charity workers.  We do not accept self referrals.

Who can I refer to BBB?

Families with children (18 and under) living and/or attending school in the Bromley Borough who are unable to afford essential items for their children.

What can BBB provide?

  • Quality second-hand items including equipment (e.g. cots and prams), clothes and toys.
  • New items, such as mattresses, nappies and toiletries.  
  • Children’s beds through our Bed for Every Child campaign
  • White goods and kitchen appliances through our Healthy Homes campaign

See What we Provide’ for a full list of items we can support with.

We are not able to support with furniture, curtains, carpets or rugs.  If the family needs support outside of what we can offer, please refer to our Other Support Organisations and Local Support Directorypages.

How do I refer to BBB?

If you are a local community professional, then please complete the appropriate online referral form. If you are unsure if you can refer a family yourself, please contact for further guidance.

How long will it take for the family to receive their item(s)?

  • BBB is run entirely by volunteers; we have no paid staff.
  • We aim for one of our FLV’s to be in touch with the family within 7 days of receiving your referral, however during busy times this may take longer.  They will then start to fulfil the items needed as soon as possible.
  • We aim to deliver extremely urgent items within 48 hours.

Ongoing Support

If the family require additional support after their case has been completed we require a new referral from the professional supporting the family, to prompt an assessment of the family’s situation and their support needs.

Our Process

Online referral received and processed

Family Liaison Volunteer (FLV) picks up referral and contacts family

Items sourced through supporter network / purchased if appropriate

FLV delivers items to the family or referrer

FLV passes on signposting information where appropriate

FLV updates referrer once request is fulfilled